Increase Sales

  • Helps create new revenue streams by adding a layer of convenience through online booking
  • Makes the reservation and payment process easier and more seamless for customers
    Information Security/Redundancy

  • Customers data is stored on a secure server with SSL level encryption
  • Server backup processes create redundancy and make sure that the data is secure
    Mobile/Remote Access

  • Information access from nearly anywhere with an Internet connection and a secure login
  • Most, if not all, functions can be accessed and performed on a mobile device
    Reporting and Sales Visibility

  • Reporting for sales numbers
  • Reporting for financial and transaction data
  • Reporting for bookings and sales
    Branding Flexibility

  • Create and/or integrate your branding messages: company logos, colors, design elements, etc. into the site and the checkout process
    Residual Value

  • Collect and keep valuable customer data for ongoing marketing campaigns and reporting
  • Make better business decisions based on the detailed customer and business information that is automatically collected by the system