This platform was designed based upon the best practices for the rental industry – utilizing a knowledge base of rental professionals. Knowing that this is a changing industry, software updates are pushed automatically per our software agreements. You never need to “install” the software on your desktops. All you need is access to the internet and a web browser.

Web Reservations

The ability to make reservations through the Internet is a must have for Boat Rental Operations. The Stellar IMS web integration allows customers to easily book a boat online. Customers may access the online reservations through the website utilizing a desktop computer, laptop computer or mobile device (20% of travel bookings are made through a mobile device (source: The reservation system allows a customer to view ability, view the multiple watercraft options, select their watercraft, add accessories and a coupon code (if applicable). Once a customer has selected the boat and accessories, the customer inputs their payment information and completes the order. When the order is competed the booking is automatically updated into the back-end booking grid. Both the customer and staff members receive a confirmation email once a reservation has been made. This process decreases the time staff must spend on the phone making reservations enabling them to provide better customer service at the point of sale.


The Stellar IMS Reservation platform is completely flexible – allowing customization of both the appearance and the functionality of the reservation system to meet individual businesses’ needs. The system can be configured to allow customers to book hourly, single day, or make multi-day reservations. They system also accommodates for accessories and “damage waiver” integration. The system integrates coupon codes (if necessary) and takes payment. Once the user makes a booking they receive a confirmation email and the reservation is automatically populated into the Booking Grid.


The standard Stellar IMS reservation booking system consists of a four-step process. :
Step 1: Select Your Date: This field requires the customer to first select the date.
Step 2: Select Your Time: This field requires the customer to select the time of day they would like their rental period to begin and end.
Step 3: Select Number of Passengers (optional): This optional field allows customers to filter out boats that cannot accommodate the number of passengers that they wish to have.
Step 4: Search Availability: Once a user has made his/her selections, the system will query the back-end booking grid and display the boats that are available for the date/time/#of passengers that they have selected.

Coupons: The field allows a user to input a coupon code (if applicable).
Accessories: The field allows a user to add accessories.
Damage Protection: This field allows a user to add a damage waiver (if you offer it).
Payment: A ledger is displayed in the top left corner that shows all charges as well as a reservation summary. A user can then securely input their contact information and credit card information to pay for the rental.
Booking Grid Population: Once the user has paid, the reservation is atomically entered into the back-end booking system and flagged as an online reservation.
Confirmation: The user then receives a confirmation email. Someone from the boat rental staff may also be notified via email.